Solution: Edu-tech
Revolutionise Demanding Marketspaces with Efficiency
One centralised digital system devised to facilitate smooth financial transactions.
Highly adaptable to different Marketspace needs.
Schools. Corporations. Institutions. Caribbean fulfils them all.
An all-in-one system solution with versatility at its core.
Systems Synergy. Seamless Functionality.
Specially crafted devices, subsystems and interfaces under one cloud.
Go Cashless.
Store money digitally and track spending with an ID-based Caribbean e-wallet.
Supports Card and QR Code payments through payment terminal integration.
A Tailored Ordering Experience.
Our Quality of Life Feature tracks the allergies of users, preventing the sale of food items that can potentially be hazardous to the individual.
Manage spending at our user friendly Customer Portal.
Top up family e-wallets, set up regular pre-orders and much more.
Kiosks in the Marketspace
Strategic placement provides easy physical access to the Caribbean system.
Customise orders and make payment at our Self-order Kiosks.
Top up e-wallets using cash at our Top Up Kiosks.
Order anywhere on the GO
Take full advantage of our Caribbean GO app for mobile.
Simply browse, order and pay on the app and collect with a QR Code.
Admin Access to the Caribbean GO Server
Manage all aspects of the GO Mobile app including member lists, order status and transactions.
Create Powerful Push Notifications to communicate with users.
Our Content Management System provides robust admin control
Point of sale items, menus and transactions are managed and tracked effortlessly with a complete overview.
Easy access to Powerful data analytics and sales reports
Sales revenue, trends and item popularity are tracked for easy viewing.