Solution: Unattended
Perfecting Self Service Operations
A Comprehensive, Fully Customizable Self-Service Solution designed to provide goods and services in today’s unattended environments with leaner operational manpower.
A Versatile and Modular System built with the Operator in mind.

Expertise with hardware, software integration, processor certifications and cashless payment IoT technologies enable and enhance a cost effective unattended payment solution.
Inventory, telemetry, pre-kitting, payment, membership features and more, fulfilling operational needs efficiently and effectively.
Unattended businesses operators include
Foosball table
Kiddy rides
Vending Machine
Game Machine
Photo taking machine
Self Service Cashless Payment made possible
  • Payment Terminals support different interface protocols (MDB, VCCS, Pulse, RS232) and a variety of payment options.
  • Pacific’s infrastructure is designed for quick integration of any QR code payment with a short integration time (2 weeks).
Payments supported include:
Create Highly Configurable Membership Programs
  • Enables Members to receive goods and services from unattended machines based on customisable conditions by the Operator.
Integrate any existing card to function as Membership Cards
  • More Member Authentication Methods Offered
Existing Staff Cards
Contactless Cards
QR Identification Codes
Exclusive Membership Cards
Usage Reports provide Operators with an easy way to bill their end customer using a postpaid model. End Customers are able to track individual staff/member usage.
Configure inventory items at any time, set and update prices, change descriptions and pictures. Over-the-air configuration reduces the need to go on-site, improving operations.
Pre-kitting information allows operators to know beforehand when and how much stock to replenish on-site, improving efficiency.
Real time analytics track sales data and monitor the parameters of machines. (online/offline, temperature, low in coin, fault code reporting)
Convenient Mobile App
For ground operators that go on-site, a mobile app (iOS, Android) is much more accessible than the webportal for the relevant pre-kitting info they require and more.
Real Time Data is shown on the app
Knowing machines and sales data anytime, anywhere.
Enabling accuracy in machine stock inventory.