Solution: Agritech
Growing A Sustainable Future, Today.
Rethinking Agriculture with a vision of sustainable living in every home.
The Smart Indoor Cultivation Solution, FarmBox integrates indoor farming and IoT technologies capable of both hydroponics and medium-based cultivation.
Food sustainability via Automated Indoor Farming, applying agricultural expertise to develop and expand our remarkable crop diversity and yield efficiency for the home.
State of the art cultivation enclosures meticulously crafted and designed for optimal growth and protection, capable of harvesting exceptional produce using specially grown seeds/seedlings.
Designed for convenient assembly, planting and cleaning.
Wifi-enabled, robust remote control via mobile app or web portal.
Controlled hygienic environment, added protection from external elements.
Zero need for pesticides cultivate vegetables that are organic, fresh and safe for consumption.
Deep understanding of ideal cultivation conditions and processes.
Precisely set conditions and real time monitoring coupled with semi-automation, produces high nutritional quality and a taste that cannot be found in local markets.
Choose from a wide range of vegetables to plant, cultivate and harvest.
Unlike off the shelf counterparts, our seeds are expertly cultivated by our partners for maximum growth and quality.
Designed for the indoor spaces of Diverse Demographics
Based organizations
Self-cultivation is made easy using our Farm Automation System.
Users can remotely control and monitor the full cultivation process via Web Portal or Mobile App with a Wifi Connection.
Manage control and data features , we keep track of all deployed devices’ status.
Lights, fans and water flow can be scheduled to be active or inactive.
Cameras can be scheduled to take multiple photos at different times.
Real Time Data is constantly sent to the cloud platform for metric analysis.
Sensor data is tracked and graphs can be plotted for all data types.
Track water levels of the tanks.
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