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Kiosk Solutions
The Premier Kiosk Experience
We design, customise and integrate highly bespoke kiosks into any ecosystem.
Providing Kiosk Hardware and Software Application and accompanying maintenance since 2014.
Bespoke capability to fully design and build a Multi-Functional Cost Effective Self Service Payment Kiosk.

Complete In House Design and Development of Kiosk Hardware, Frontend Application, Server Application and System Integration.
Experienced in integrating the Kiosk with Acquirer payment terminals and Cloud-based backend systems.
Cut Queues And Waiting Times At Traditional Counter Services.
  • Carry out bookings and transactions on products and services via our self-service kiosks instead.
Search And Browse For Courses, Facilities And More.
  • Add multiple courses to cart, view price ranges and course details.
  • Book facilities by selecting dates and available time slots.
Select, Checkout And Pay With Cashless, Contactless Payment.
Pay For School, Course Fees And Misc Bills.
  • Students and staff can top up e-wallet cards using cash.
Pay Bills And Top-up Cards
Our Competence and Expertise
Kiosk Electrical and Mechanical Design
Payment Terminal Integration
Kiosk application software development
Kiosk UI design
Backend server application development
Kiosk assembly and integration testing
Remote terminal management solution
Installation and Maintenance
Through integration of payment and backend technologies, STYL has implemented full suite payment and CMS solutions in our self service kiosks.