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Under the appointment of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), STYL will design, develop and supply Singapore’s next-generation transit payment device, which is slated to be introduced to all train stations along the newly announced Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).

Recognising the need to keep ahead of commuter needs and expectations, LTA called for the replacement of the aging devices that had been in use since the 2000s. Our new, purpose-built transit payment solution incorporates the most advanced NFC technology for quick data reading, further reading distance, and increased capacity to accommodate high human traffic during peak periods.

In putting forward a true next-generation solution that will last the distance (and beyond), we chose period-guaranteed industrial grade components with adequate processing power, so as to guarantee the upgradeability of the device software to keep pace with changing demands.

This landmark project is expected to last till 2022, when the commissioning of the next generation devices is scheduled to be completed.
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